Hate lawn weeds?

Professional Lawn Care Solutions

Lawn Weed Spraying

Nobody likes lawn weeds. So when you spot them creeping in - Weedbloke is who you should call. No matter how bad your weed problem is, we will make your lawn both weed free and beautifully green!

Lawn Care Programs

We offer three lawn treatment programs designed to maintain your lawn to the highest standards - consistently. Because prevention is important! Our programs ensure your lawn looks it’s best, year round.

Fertilisation & Core Aeration

Fertilization is an essential component for a healthy lawn. The type of fertiliser we use on your lawn is based on several factors - so we do a full assessment before we provide any treatment.

Lawn Weed Spraying

Most domestic weed and feed products have limited effectiveness. Not to mention incorrect use can be unsafe! We will eliminate those lawn weeds in a safe and professional way, using the highest rated products.

Fertilisation and Core Aeration

Core aeration provides both better drainage and nutrient uptake. All our products are slow release and applied with no need to avoid surge growth - while maintaining a green healthy lawn. We recommend all lawns be aerated at least one a year.

They type of fertiliser we use on your lawn depends on:
  • Soil type
  • Type of turf (fine or regular)
  • General health of the lawn
We provide lawn treatment and core aeration to ovals, school grounds, businesses and other commercial spaces.

Our Lawn Care Programs

Annual Single Application

This program is perfect for those who want a single lawn treatment. We provide a diagnosis of your lawn’s condition and a detailed plan to both eradicate the weeds – and apply a complete slow release fertiliser. This is a popular choice for people who are selling their house and want a lovely, green, weed free lawn to showcase their property.
From $195

Six-monthly Program

This is our most popular program. We come in the optimum windows of Spring and Autumn. We apply both lawn weed control and a slow release fertilizer to combat weeds, as well as helping the lawn to thrive. This weed control program includes pre emergent weed control, soil adjuvant and additives, to increase the general health of your soil.
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